Spring 2015 home improvement trends

1. The bigger, the better

the bigger the betterFor 2015, the saying “the bigger, the better” couldn’t be more true. Extra large and wide wood planks are one of the top trends, ranging up to 10 inches wide by 8 feet long! If you love wood with lots of character (think reclaimed barn wood) then this trend is right up your alley.

Large planks showcase the characteristics of wood in a way we haven’t seen before – the wider and longer the floorboard, the more emphasis on the tactile qualities of the product. This trend is perfect for a rustic aesthetic by highlighting the distressed qualities and uniqueness of each plank.

2. Realistic texture

realistic textureAccent walls are back, but with a twist. Forget paint – it’s all about texture. With advancements in 3D printing technology, accent walls featuring realistic prints are on trend for 2015.

This new process utilizes a patented high-definition technology, which provides a hyper realistic 3 dimensional appearance. The look is fun, with a strong emphasis on pattern and character. Leading the trend is wood finishes, with eclectic patterns trending for the bold and stylish – a rosewood accent wall? Too awesome.

3. Light and ethereal colors

light and ethereal colorsAs seen on the runways, the trending colors for 2015 are cool, soft neutrals. These hues have strutted right from the catwalks to the interior design scene. For stone, white cloudy and veined marble is stealing the show.

And of course, tile isn’t the only material getting in on this trend – wood flooring is trending towards a lighter, softer look in 2015 with a surge of whitewashed flooring. Make these soft shades pop by playing with contrast. 

4. Bringing the indoors, outside

bringing the indoors outsideOutdoor living trends for 2015 are doing a 180 – next year, it’s all about bringing the indoors, outside. Outdoor spaces are being adorned with typical indoor décor accessories such as lamps, vases and pouffes.

“outdoor room” approach to decks and patios continues to make headway in the 21st century home as spring approaches. A lot of this has to do with the increased sophistication of outdoor furniture in terms of the way it’s made, and the expanding options for look, too. But, that outdoor room approach also has to do with a sense of continuity, often dictated by interior flooring to exterior decking surfaces being complementary to one another.

The aesthetic is sophisticated & glamorous, but the luxe look doesn’t end at accessories.  Expect to see a whole new range of fabrics for outdoor living furniture, with playful patterns and colors no longer just being limited to accent pillows. What type of new fabrics you ask? Well – let’s put it this way, you can now relax on a faux-leather sectional in your outdoor living space.